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Our TeamPrime Academy ICSE School

Our Team

Mr. Naresh Advani - Chairman

Shri Naresh Advani who has spent many years of successful business background and his highly educated family,took over Bhagbhau Sendhalal Patel Charitable Trust in the year 2002. Shri Naresh Advani who supports numerous humanitarian and educational causes has founded Prime Academy to realise his dream of an educational institution for the children

Ms. Chaula Joshi - Director

The Institute is sustaining a foundation of excellence even as it moves in bold new direction. The magnificient infrastructure takes into consideration every need of the child. The Director of Prime Academy Ms.Chaula Joshi is a person of high principles, very well known for her integrity,devotion,dedication and hard work. The Functions and processes are structured and distributed through Ms. Chaula Joshi our director who is a versatile administrator and above all an educationist. She is very humble and down to earth person

Mrs. Rehana Kazi - Principal

The Principal of Prime Academy is Mrs. Rehana Kazi who is dedicated to enhance individual students performance and mobilize individual talents. She believes that students individually are unique and must be given the deserved freedom and liberty in their respective growth

Mrs. Jovita Creado - Head Mistress - Pre Primary Department

Our Pre Primary Department is under the management of our dynamic head mistress - Mrs. Jovita Creado

Integrity & Commitment
Excellence & Unity